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Done building your new residence and need the highest quality yet affordable new home painting in Hobart and nearby locations? You are exactly where you need to be because our team at Hobart House Painter can provide you with the best Dulux home painting services at very reasonable prices.

New home painting is a critical phase in residential construction as the colours and paint you choose will effectively set the theme and mood of the entire property. This is where our house painting experts will sit down with you to go through every section of your new home, find out what you want and need, and come up with colour and design options that will meet all your requirements. The technology and techniques we will use will depend on the different materials used for your home. Whether be it wood, concrete, stone, steel, and so forth, we will provide you with the best solutions to suit your desires as well as budget. Our team can even do new model house painting for builders, developers, and real-estate agents.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of house painters has successfully painted hundreds of new homes all throughout Hobart with the joy and gratification from all our clients.

We have the knowledge and expertise required to paint all types of newly built Australian homes from granny flats to single detached homes to duplexes or triplexes and everything in between. Our team can guarantee to get the job done to your exact specifications while staying within budget and finishing it on time every single time! We take pride in our prompt, quality, and affordable services, whether it is painting a new house interior or everything from top to bottom, and we intend to deliver on that promise.

Our company has had the great honour of being considered one of the Top 3 Painters in Hobart. This is because of our team of fully licenced, qualified, and Dulux-accredited painters who truly love what they do and are passionate and dedicated to delivering nothing less than the best. With complete licences, qualifications, and accreditations, you can be assured that we follow the highest safety and quality standards set by paint manufacturers, industry authorities, local councils, and the Australian government. So, if you want the best yet the most reasonably priced new home painting in Hobart, get on the phone and talk to us.

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