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We specialise in delivering quality-assured heritage painting and decorating.

Our team will be there for you every step of the way. From concept to completion, you will have Hobart House Painter to provide you with advice and guidance as well as support. We can even help you with council approval. If you have a heritage home in Tasmania, then you know that it takes a lot of work to ensure your property is well taken care of. Hobart House Painter will work with you to make certain that all of the work and painting we do is done to meet council approvals and heritage listing regulations.

Older houses in Hobart sometimes require a lot more attention than others. We have a qualified builder at our disposal for all restoration work including replacing rotted weatherboards, removing and replacing old windows, manufacturing new timber to match the older surrounds and then we do the heritage paint. We are the only Tasmanian-based company that can offer this service without having to outsource the work to a different company.

Our decades of knowledge and expertise have given us the amazing capability of painting all types of heritage structures from antique homes to historical monuments to classically styled buildings while accurately following colours to their exact look and feel and without damaging any part of the site. However old or delicate a heritage site may be, we have the skills and know-how to get the job done to your exact specifications while staying within budget and completing it on time every single time.

As Dulux-accredited painters with full licensing and qualifications, we are proud to be recognized among the Top 3 Painters in Hobart. Our adherence to the strictest safety protocols and quality standards set by paint manufacturers, industry authorities, local councils, and the Australian government ensures that you can trust our services. If you’re seeking the most dependable heritage painting and contracting in Hobart, we’re the team to contact.

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We offer a wide range of the highest quality heritage painting services that include –